Anonymous said: Hi I was just wondering if you had the location of these places so we could have a look



Anonymous said: tumblrs you enjoy checking regularly? Looking for some new ones to follow

Some people I follow and don’t hate are:







Then it’s pretty much just a bunch of hentai, porn, navy and tattoo blogs.

365-days-of-may said: Do you know by any chance if the - East perth power station - Fremantle power station - Atlantis marine park Are still there and haven't under gone reconstruction? And which ones would be easiest to roam about. Thanks

Messaging this blog.

Shout out to everyone in Adrian Tanasi’s film class.

Anonymous said: Your fucking hilarious man did the blog shine on

ty xoxo

By the way, if any of you losers are interested, I’ve got a travel blog going on here. Currently backpacking around the world. Lots of architecture and street-life and shit.

so--many--cats said: what are some places around the Claremont area


farqueue said: Gday mate just wondering if you would be keen for an urbex mission, ive done quite a few of the perth places ive been going to east perth power station since back in 2000 and still love that place if your up for it let me know, i know a few other dudes also keen.

Anonymous said: How muuuch cock do you smoke for your meth you dirty crackhead rat.

So much cock. Me and your dad take turns on Murray street.

Anonymous said: Would u have an interest in exploring the City fire station over Christmas before it's torn down next January?

I’m out of the country for 6 months, so no, not really.