Shout out to everyone in Adrian Tanasi’s film class.

Anonymous asked: Your fucking hilarious man did the blog shine on

ty xoxo

By the way, if any of you losers are interested, I’ve got a travel blog going on here. Currently backpacking around the world. Lots of architecture and street-life and shit.

sooothisisawkwardswag asked: what are some places around the Claremont area


farqueue asked: Gday mate just wondering if you would be keen for an urbex mission, ive done quite a few of the perth places ive been going to east perth power station since back in 2000 and still love that place if your up for it let me know, i know a few other dudes also keen.

Anonymous asked: How muuuch cock do you smoke for your meth you dirty crackhead rat.

So much cock. Me and your dad take turns on Murray street.

Anonymous asked: Would u have an interest in exploring the City fire station over Christmas before it's torn down next January?

I’m out of the country for 6 months, so no, not really.

Anonymous asked: Wow. You are a dick!

Yeah, dard.

Anonymous asked: Youre an ugly piece of shit pceee

You are scientifically wrong.

Well, I have 400 followers now, despite losing hundreds in the great exodus, so it’s time to start exploring again.